Hindi Pakhwada was successfully organized in MECL from 01.09.2016 to 14.09.2016 and concluded on Hindi Diwas, celebrated on 14th September,2016. The glory of the programme was enhanced by the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. Gopal Dhawan, CMD, Shri R.N. Jha, Director (Technical), Shri MSN Murthy, Director (Finance) and Shri Manish Bhimte, CVO MECL.

Dr. Dhawan gave a heart-rending speech, expressing his thought that the day we will be using Hindi with efficiency and all the devotion in our official work, from that very day we will not need to celebrate a special day for Hindi language as Hindi Diwas. Shri Jha gave a speech note on putting efforts in the use of Hindi language in official work.

During the Hindi Pakhwada, various competitions were organised, viz; Hindi Comprehension, Hindi Speech, Hindi Essay & Quiz completion, Hindi Singing & Slogan competition; all these competitions helped the participants to test their Hindi skills in an overwhelming way. The winners of the various competitions organized were awarded. The poogramme was ended  with the presentation of the Hindi creation by the eminent Hindi artists Shri Kiran Joshi, Shri Anand Aman and others present at the dias. Their creation helped the MECL employees in getting closer to our Indian culture.

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